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Unemployment is a state in which a person is without a job and, according to definitions provided by international labor organizations, has been actively looking for one for the past month. A country's unemployment rate is measured as a percentage by dividing the number of jobless workers by the adults who make up the country's work face. Over the years, many theories have been formulated regarding the causes of and solutions for unemployment, with three main ones dominating theoretical debate today: Theories incorporating the Classical, Neoclassical and Austrian School of Economics; Keynesian economics and Marxism. Many countries collect statistics of unemployment and they are used to indicate the state of the economy. High unemployment rates usually indicate a weak economy. The term unemployment could also be linked to the term underemployment, which indicates a situation whereby workers are unable to find full employment in their fields and therefore settle for part time or seasonal jobs. Underemployment could also indicate workers who are overqualified for their jobs.

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