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When a company or organization promotes its reputation and publicizes its accomplishments, this is known as public relations or PR. People who work in a company's PR department are known as publicists and their main job is to present the company in its best possible light to the general public. Public relations committees regularly meet to determine which information needs to go out in order to promote the company to the media. Sometimes, individuals such as celebrities or important business people require the skills of a public relations agency to promote them, their businesses or their careers. In many cases, the PR will also provide feedback to the company or individual regarding the perspective of the public. Other kinds of public relations include financial PR which provides information to business reporters and crisis public relations which responds to negative or detrimental information against the company or individual. Public relations departments use a wide range of tools, including newsletters, annual reports, blogs and, more recently, social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Publicity events are also used to promote new books, services and businesses.

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