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Prostitution, sometimes referred to as the oldest profession in the world, is the act of providing sexual services to another (or others) and receiving payment in return. Prostitutes ie. those giving the sexual services, are also known as whores. The legal status of prostitution varies from place to place, from being a crime in some countries to being a regulated and taxable sex industry profession in others. Prostitution can take place in many locations, depending on the demand for services. An establishment that houses prostitutes is called a brothel, while other prostitutes offer their services from hotel rooms or homes. Prostitution has always been a controversial subject. Proponents argue that it is a personal business transaction between two adults and the law should not interfere. However, many vulnerable people fall into prostitution due to poverty, drug abuse and human trafficking, making this a highly contentious subject. Many under-developed nations are targeted by people traveling from developed countries to enjoy sexual activities in a new phenomenon known as sex tourism. Exploitation also occurs in prostitution, whether through the trafficking of women and children for prostitution purposes, to violence against prostitutes. Prostitution is also associated with the spread of diseases such as HIV.

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