Probation Officer term papers and essays pg.3

The job description of probation officers is to supervise offenders who have recently been released from prison.  In some cases, the probation officer will also supervise those who have been sentenced to community service instead of a prison sentence for crimes committed.  The role of the probation officer differs from one country to another and in the United States, there are also differences at a county, state or federal level.  The job of a federal probation officer is being fazed out as, since 1984, probation was removed from the federal system, however, there are still federal prisoners who are being released from long term prison who were sentenced prior to 1984 and require the services of a probation officer.  While probation officers do not usually wear uniforms, they are issued with a badge and firearm, and have full police power.  Most states require that their probation officers complete four year Bachelor's Degree.  Probation officers are supervised by their Director or Chief Probation Officer, with the hierarchy descending to Deputy Chief, Supervisor, and then line probation officers.  Some probation officers may specialize in one type of criminal, such as sex offenders, violent offenders, those that require electronic monitoring, and so forth.  Probation officers are required to be very knowledgeable about the court system and to report regularly back regarding the offender's progress, supervise court requests such as rehabilitation and counseling, and have the skills to work with and understand a very broad spectrum of the general public.