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Prison rehabilitation programs are systems devised by the criminal justice system of a country to try and rehabilitate the prisoner, with the main aim of preventing re-offending.  Rehabilitation programs in prison could range from educational and vocational training to help the prisoner learn a trade once outside the prison walls, to psychological rehabilitation or assistance with substance abuse. Rehabilitation programs for criminals could take place inside the prison, or outside once the prisoner has been released.  Attendance of such a program could be a requirement of early release and plays an important part in the prisoner’s successful transition back into the community.  Juvenile rehabilitation programs have been shown to be more effective as youngsters are taught skills and are able to complete their education more successfully than hardened criminals who have a lifetime of criminal behavior behind them.  Prison rehabilitation programs don’t enjoy the support of the whole population, as many believe that prisons are not the place to rehabilitate but only to punish and keep the public protected.  Many complain that prison has become a camp vacation and that it is easier to receive services such as drug rehabilitation inside a prison than outside of it.  Statistics show that despite increased budget for prison rehabilitation programs, over 50% of offenders go back to their criminal ways within a year of being released from prison, questioning the effectiveness of these programs and whether the millions spent on them is justified

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