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Premature babies, also known as preterm babies or ‘preemies’, are those babies who are born anytime before the 37th week of pregnancy.  While the reason why a mother suddenly goes into premature labor is sometimes not known, in many cases it is as a result of poor health conditions such as hypertension or an infection, or due to an accident.  Preterm delivery is more common among women younger than 19 and older than 40, as well as in multiple births. Due to the fact that they are born too early, premature babies have a lower weight than full term babies. The earlier a baby is born before its due date, the higher the risks of medical problems as the organs did not have enough time to develop naturally.  Premature babies are usually treated in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and specialist care is required around the clock. 90% of babies born weighing around 2 pounds and over will go on to survive. Medical problems typically associated with premature babies include byperbilirubinemia, a common condition which effects 80% of preemies, which leads to mild jaundice; apnea spells when the baby suddenly stops breathing; anemia due to the lack of red blood cells; low blood pressure; respiratory distress syndrome; infections; patent ductus arteriosus and retinopathy which could result in poor vision and even blindness.

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