POLLUTION term papers and essays pg.2

Pollution occurs when a natural environments becomes contaminated, leading to changed to the ecosystem and harm to the organisms that inhabit it. There are different types of pollution, depending on the environments which they affect, such as air pollution and water pollution. Air pollution, for example, can come from natural and manmade source such as motor vehicle emissions and oil refineries. Pollution affects - and can kill - most organisms, including human beings, and water pollution causes the death of thousands around the globe every day. Environmental pollution is caused by a number of factors, including biomagnifications, invasive species, smog and haze which affect sunlight access and acid rain caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Pollution prevention occurs when a decision is made to limit the damage that polluting matters can do, ranging from waste minimization to the control of emissions. Many nations around the world have enacted legislation which sees the regulation of different kinds of pollution, while international treaties have been signed between nations to address world pollution issues. The Kyoto Protocol, for example, is an international treaty on global warming, where signatories have committed to reduce their countries' emissions of carbon dioxide.