Police Brutality term papers and essays

When the police uses excessive force, usually physical but also verbal, against members of the public but especially those under arrest, this is known as police brutality. Police brutality can incorporate a wide range of actions including racial profiling, psychological intimidation, sexual abuse, false arrest and more. The term 'police brutality' was first coined in an article which appeared in the New York Times in the late 1800's and has been commonly used to describe police misconduct since then.  Incidents of police brutality have been recorded through the centuries, including major labor strikes, such as the Pulman Strike of 1894.  While police officers are entitled to use force under appropriate circumstances, the general assumption is that they will not use excess force, nor will they consider themselves 'above the law'. Unfortunately, however, some policemen develop feelings of superiority over the general public and abuse their positions of power and the use of their weapons.  In recent years, steps have been taken to try and curb police brutality, either by state investigations or by independent groups who regularly publish incidents of police violence through social media sites, YouTube, etc. Amnesty International reports that there are thousands of reports of police brutality around the world each year, including the injury or even killing of members of the public, and the violation of basic human rights.  Much criticism has been directed against police units for not taking stronger action against offending policemen, with many calling for changes in the laws governing police brutality.

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