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Plastic Surgery is a branch of the medical profession that specializes in the correction or restoration of outward body parts in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing or to make them more functional.  The term most often connotes images of corrective surgery to remove wrinkles or make noses more attractive.  Sometimes the term is associated with breast enlargements and other procedures that require a foreign material to be used in the process.  Because of this, many people may think that the term "plastic" refers to these foreign materials or to the unnatural process of changing one's looks.  The word "plastic" actually comes from the Greek word plastikos which means "able to be molded".  And this is actually a great term for the flexibility and adaptability of the human body.  While plastic surgery is often used to enhance the physical appearance, it is often put to great use to correct body parts and functions that have occurred as a result of birth defects, illnesses or accidents.  Examples of these would be cleft palates, bone cancer and burns or severing of body parts.  The plastic surgeon can correct many malformations by using tissues from other, less visible parts of the body.  A removed tumorous jawbone can be replaced with a bone from the patient's own leg.  A severed thumb can be replaced by a big toe, and burned facial skin can be replaced by healthy skin.

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