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When an employee's job performance is evaluated in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time, this is known as performance appraisal. The concept is also known as performance review or employee appraisal and is seen as one of the tools used to develop an employee's career. The appraisal's aim is to analyze the employee's relative worth to the organization, examine and highlight weaknesses and failures and discuss the chances of promotion or other changes in the employee's work status. The objective of a performance appraisal is to provide the employee with feedback on his or her performance and identify specific needs. Important decisions can be based on a performance appraisal, such as requests for salary increases and the need for disciplinary actions. Performance can also be improved through coaching and development based on the appraisal. A performance review is generally assessed using a numerical or scalar rating system, usually contributed to by managers, peers and/or customers. Methods used include 360 degree appraisal, management by objectives and behaviorally anchored rating scales. Performance appraisals stir up controversy among certain researchers and management commentators who have expressed doubts about their reliability and validity. However, many organizations are strong advocates of these types of appraisals, viewing them as crucial tools in the running of their businesses.

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