Junk Food term papers and essays pg.2

Food that contains little or no nutrition and is usually detrimental to a person’s health due to its high level of sugar, fat and calories, is known as junk food. The term was first coined in the early 70’s by the director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Michael Jacobson. Examples of junk food include candy, sweets, fried food, carbonated, sugar-laden drinks, gum and others. The main concern for those who consume a high level of junk food is the way it affects their health. Besides the physical effects on essential parts of the human body, such as the heart, liver, stomach and kidney, studies have found that the consumption of junk food also alters brain activity similar to the addiction to heavy drugs such as heroin and cocaine. In addition, babies born to mothers who consumed high levels of sugar and fat while they were pregnant, were more likely to become junk food addicts themselves in later years. In recent years, medical experts and governments have made monumental efforts to educate the population on the dangers of eating junk food, with negative media reports on fast food joints such as MacDonalds also changing people’s perception of this type of food. However, the junk food industry remains a multi-billion dollar one, which has led some governments to impose surcharges on food which contain a higher than normal percentage of saturated fat, as well as on packaged goods.

  • A discussion regarding the role of the fast food industry in creating obesity and the culture of corporate power.
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  • A look at the recent connection being made about fast food and obesity in America.
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  • An evaluation of the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser.
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  • Review of Thomas R. DeGregori's book, "The Environment, Our Natural Resources, and Modern Technology", and the author's position about the negative effects of promoting only organic foods for consumption.
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  • An examination of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and its business strategy.
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