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The theory of evolution was proposed by Charles Darwin who identified natural selection as an important origin of evolution. Biological evolution is essentially changes in the properties of a living organism that transcend the individual organism's lifetime. Changes are usually via the passing of genetic material from one generation to another. The 'evolution vs creation' debate originated after the 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species and is still being fought today between those who believe in the theory of evolution and those who believe in God as the creator of all beings. The most contentious issue in the evolution debate is the idea, as proposed by Darwin, that man shares common ancestry with apes, and this argument has fueled tensions between science and religion in several states in the US, especially the way this subject is taught in schools. Evolutionary psychology examines common traits such as memory and language from a modern evolutionary angle. Evolution psychology argues that our behavior is the result of several psychological adaptations that humans have had to make in order to solve problems in our past environments.

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