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Ethnography has several meanings, however the most common definition is that of any qualitative research project which has the objective to relay a comprehensive description of the lives and practices of particular cultural groups. Emphasis is placed on qualitative research in order to distinguish ethnography from quantitative research which focuses more on statistics. Ethnographic methods are used by many researchers in different fields, however mainly be anthropologists. Ethnography examples in anthropology include Triste Tropique by Claude Levi-Strauss and Kenneth Read's High Valley. Ethnography of communication studies began in the 1960s, epitomized by works such as Gerry Philipsen's Speaking Like a Man in Teamsterville. Students of this discipline often look for ethnography ideas and, to do so, immerse themselves in an ethnic environment of interest to them and then 'tell the story'. Data is collected regarding customs, beliefs, practices and traditions and documented by the ethnographer. Bronislaw Malinowski, who wrote works such as Argonauts of the Western Pacific is considered by many as the first original ethnographer and many base their research on his methods. Ethnographers, as a rule, don't rely on one source of data, and explore several in order to get the 'full picture'.

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