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An ethical decision making model is a strategy used to help a person make a difficult decision regarding an ethical dilemma.  In most of these circumstances, there is no clear cut answer regarding what is right or wrong, and a number of factors need to be considered before a decision is made.  Ethical decision making essentially encompasses three main issues, namely the ethic of obedience, the ethic of care and the ethic of of reason.  In the first issue - the ethic of obedience - the moral values behind the decision are taken into account. The ethic of care follows an empathetic line and examines the result of the decision from the other party's perspective.  Finally, the ethic of reason focuses on the use of the decision maker's experience to predict various results of the decision made.   An ethical decision making model will thus see the person choosing the best alternative to achieve the best results, based on individual values, social values, morals and regulations.  It is generally understood that ethical decision making needs to be made from a person's place of conscience.  Several Eastern religions base many of their teachings on ethical decision making, including Buddhism, Taoism and Islam.  A number of ethical decision making models include A Format for Ethical Decision Making  by Michael Davis and the United States Department of Defense's Ethical Decision Making Plan.

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