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When an individual undertakes innovations and finance to transform innovations into economic goods, this is known as the act of being an entrepreneur, or entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship usually involves the starting up of a new company, but could also extend to social or political entrepreneurial activity. New venturing from within an existing company or organization is known as intra-peneurship. Entrepreneurship could involve a single project to one that involves the employment of many people. The concept of entrepreneurship promotes capital formation and contributes overall to the wealth of a country; it is thus encouraged by governments through many ways, such as integrating entrepreneurship in educational thought or through national campaigns. Entrepreneurs essentially discover new ways of combining resources and when the market value generated by this new combination is greater than their market value when generated individually, the entrepreneur makes a profit. The word 'entrepreneur' has its roots in the thirteenth century French verb, entreprendre (meaning: to do something, to undertake). By the sixteenth century, the word in its noun form, entrepreneur, was used to describe an individual who undertook a business venture. The term was popularized by theorists John Stuart Mill and Jean-Baptiste Say in the early 1800's in their works.

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