EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION term papers and essays pg.5

Employee motivation is measured as the level of energy and commitment that workers bring to their jobs. Managers are always on the lookout to motivate their employees so that these levels increase, whether by satisfactory monetary gains through their salary or through other perks such as health insurance, child care, company cars, meal plans and so forth. It has been found that if there is a lack of motivation, the employee's quality of work will deteriorate. Modern employee motivation theories propose that employees are less likely to be motivated by material rewards and more by the job itself. Employee recognition is an important motivation factor and it has been found that those workers who were recognized for their contribution to the company were more likely to remain committed. Many employee motivation methods exist, ranging from empowerment through handing over more responsibility and authority, to creativity and innovation. Non monetary incentives such as letters of recommendation and time off from work are shown to enhance personal fulfillment and self respect. Managers may use employee motivation games to build team unity and include all workers in a fun activity.