Effect of Divorce on Children term papers and essays

 The effect of divorce on children is a field that is still being studied by professionals, especially as divorce rates increase across the world.  Children of different ages react differently to parental divorce, and each case differs according to the level of fighting between parents, how the child’s day to life is affected, new family circumstances (eg. step-parents), ability of adjustment and so forth.  Experts have found that divorce tends to intensify a child’s dependence and accelerate a teenager’s independence, with more aggressive responses expected from adolescents.  Children dealing with divorce experience a sudden change in their greatest source of stability and love – their family unit, and are forced to suddenly divide their time and their love between two new households. Initially, children experience instability, insecurity and unfamiliarity, and will often fantasize about the family coming together again.  Teenagers, on the other hand, will usually act in a rebellious way, turning more towards life outside the family home to deal with feelings of grief and anger.  Helping kids cope with divorce includes establishing a sense of order and predictability as soon as possible, in order to allow the creation of new rituals.  The effects of divorce on children require that children receive constant reassurance of love by both parents where possible.  Experts suggest that acrimonious divorces should try to keep children as far away from the front line as possible and to establish the three R’s required to restore their security, namely Routines, Rituals and Reassurance.

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