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Educating Rita refers to the original stage comedy by the British playwright Willy Russell, as well as the subsequent movie based on the play, released in 1983 and directed by Lewis Gilbert. The play debuted in London in 1980, starring Julie Walters as a young hairdresser from Liverpool and her academic relationship with a disillusioned tutor at the Open University, Dr. Frank Bryant (played by Mark Kingston).  Walters went on to play Rita in the screenplay, while the character of Dr. Bryant was played by Michael Caine.  Willy Russell wrote the screenplay as well. The plot of Educating Rita takes place entirely in the lecturer's office and follows the developing relationship between the two characters and how one begins to affect the other. While Dr. Bryant starts to be impressed with Rita's determination to change her life around and pull herself out of her humble beginnings to get an education, Rita herself is inspired by her tutor's self confidence and bohemian lifestyle.  However, as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that both start to see flaws in the other's new way of life and they start to examine their choices. Themes of change, freedom and class in British society are examined in this play and movie.  While the stage version is set in the university office, the film version of Educating Rita has scenes shot in other areas such as Rita's home, Bryant's home and the pub. The film was named one of the ten ten movies of 1983.

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