World War I and its Impact Term Paper by kv

World War I and its Impact
A discussion on World War I, including its causes and problematic effects.
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Published on Nov 08, 2011 in History (U.S. World Wars) , European Studies (World Wars)

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The paper discusses the causes and catalysts of World War I and then addresses the Versailles Peace Treaty and Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points proposals. The paper points out the problems with the treaty and the League of Nations that would ultimately come back to hurt the world's international and political future. The paper concludes that this war is particularly important because of the essential lessons it has taught future societies and the painful sacrifice we pay when those lessons are not learned.

From the Paper:

"World War I was unlike any other war in our world's history for a number of reasons. This war was not declared upon a single cause, but many causes which eventually forced nations from all over the world to choose multi-national alliances just so they can be protected from one another. The Triple Alliance (Central Powers) represented Austria, Germany, and Italy, and the Triple Entente (Allies) consisted of Russia, France, and Britain. These aforementioned alliances between very powerful countries quickly fueled the fire and gave each nation a reason to fight for itself. The illusions of a war that was said to be unthreatening, economically beneficial and quick proved to be incomprehensible and overwhelmingly violent. It was not until there were two major turning points in 1917 which then projected the eventual outcome in favor of the Triple Entente (The Allies). The destruction of World War I laid some nations hopeless and unable to rebuild what it had lost. Even the Versailles Peace Treaty and Woodrow Wilson's 14 points which was formed as a result of this war would prove to be somewhat unfair and threatening to the future of the world. The destruction of this war was also fueled by new military technologies such as chlorine gas, mustard gas, planes, tanks, and flamethrowers. The inhumanity of World War I is symbolized through Eric Maria Remarque's "War in the Trenches" (RGH# 44)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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