Women's Health Issue: Ovarian Cancer Term Paper by Nicky

Women's Health Issue: Ovarian Cancer
An explanation of ovarian cancer.
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Published on Aug 01, 2011 in Medical and Health (General) , Women Studies (General)

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This paper describes ovarian cancer - a serious health issue for women. The writer explains that it is often fatal, mainly due to the fact that there are often no symptoms so it is generally diagnosed rather late. Such symptoms as are most common are discussed, and the paper also explains the methods of treatment available.

From the Paper:

''Third, there are no early stage symptoms agreed-upon by doctors that could indicate the cancer, so most women are completely unaware that there is any problem until it gets much worse. To be fair, there are some symptoms that women can look for. These include bloating, abdominal or pelvic pain, frequent and/or urgent urination, and difficulty eating because one feels very full very quickly (MedicineNet, 2009). However, these were only agreed upon in 2007 and not all doctors feel that these are the best markers of ovarian cancer (MedicineNet, 2009). A lot of women experience at least the first two of these symptoms quite often during their menstrual cycle, and the others are not that uncommon, either. Women cannot be running to the doctor every time they have one small symptom, but a group of symptoms that appears and is persistent is certainly worth checking out, if only to provide peace of mind for a woman who may be worried about whether she has cancer or something much more benign (MedicineNet, 2009).
''Like many other cancers, ovarian cancer does seem to have some genetic link. In other words, if a lot of people in a family have had cancer, of any kind, other people in that family are more likely to have it, too. This means that women with strong family histories of cancer will want to get checkups more often, pay more attention to their bodies and any kinds of symptoms that they have, and get any tests that their doctor feels will help to detect cancer at an earlier stage if it is present. There is only so much that one can do about ovarian cancer, since cancer is not yet a disease that medicine has learned how to prevent (MedicineNet, 2009). Cancer is becoming more and more treatable if it is caught early, however, so paying attention to one's body and any unusual and persistent symptoms is something that everyone should be aware of. This is true of ovarian cancer, and of all other types of cancers, as well.''

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