Women and Families in Sudan and the UK Term Paper by Nicky

Women and Families in Sudan and the UK
Compares family life in Sudan and the UK.
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Published on Dec 19, 2011 in Women Studies (Women and Society)

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This paper compares family life in both the developing country of Sudan and the industrialized country of the United Kingdom, with the intention of making understanding families across the globe easier and better grasped. The paper further notes that although the countries differ greatly, the comparison reveals that women and their roles are of primary values in both cultures. First, the paper gives a description of the Sudan, showing how it was once a British colony and also the role of Islam in the nation. Additionally, the paper points out that understanding family life in Sudan is best exemplified by understanding the social position of women there. Next the paper shows how family life in the UK differs from that of Sudan, particularly with men and women having equal job opportunities and education. The paper also cites that determining how to manage a career with family is the challenge that most U.K. residents face, instead of the war and poverty encountered by families in Sudan. The paper concludes by stating that that further research should be done regarding the position of women in society, and its affiliation with the development of society.

From the Paper:

"Sudan, the largest country in Africa, is an excellent state to compare with the United Kingdom, as the African nation was once colony of the world power. For 58 years, Great Britain controlled Sudan, establishing its boundaries based on the European nation's political interest instead of paying attention to the ethnic and cultural issues that already existed among natives in the state. Because of this, intrastate relations in the area have been difficult, and civil war has shaped every aspect of family life in the tumultuous region ("Sudanese," 2008). But despite the fact that poverty and violence have had an irreversible affect on life in Sudan, families in this region are resourceful, and they have managed to make the best of what they have been dealt. In the hot weather, families stay cool and dry because of their mud-baked huts, and in the cooler regions, grass huts provide heat and shelter from precipitation ("Sudanese," 2008). Families draw strength from their folklore, religion, and traditions in order to make light of even the most strenuous circumstances. Folkloric stories about Fatima the Beautiful, a Muslim women who finds happiness in her beauty and many abilities, and Umm Ba'ula, the bogey-woman who threatens disobedient children..."

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