Why Communism Failed Term Paper by Patrick James Lontoc

Why Communism Failed
A discussion on the many factors that contributed to the fall of communism in the U.S.S.R. and other previously communist nations.
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The paper states that the idea of a classless society with no exploitation brought about communist societies throughout the world. Countries such as Russia, China and North Korea had all embraced the communist ideology and had run their countries based on communist principles. The paper comments that, grand though the communist idea was, communism still failed in the countries that embraced its principles. Communism failed because of several reasons. This paper gives an overview on what communism is all about and why it was adapted by different countries. The paper also discusses the numerous reasons why communism ultimately failed.

The Origin of Communism
The Fall of Communism

From the Paper:

""Communism had its origin in the 1848 as Karl Marx and Frank Engels published the Communist Manifesto which cited the basic principles and ideas of communism. This manifesto criticized the capitalist economy as creating classes (The bourgeois and the proletariat) among its citizens which resulted to the oppression and exploitation of classes which are lower than the other classes. Communism was designed to develop a society without class distinctions and have a true sense of equality among its people without any social problems such as racism, sexism and class oppression."

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