What Is Trust and Why is it Important? Term Paper by fyresq

What Is Trust and Why is it Important?
An analysis of the trust issues and theories relevant to the Bureau of Land Management case in the State of Nevada.
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Published on Mar 31, 2015 in Business (General) , Public Administration (General) , Criminology (General)

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Trust is the underlying driving force of almost all human interaction. In an attempt to define what trust is and why it is so important to society, the recent event of rancher Cliven Bundy and the protester standoff against the Bureau of Land Management in the State of Nevada is selected and analyzed with viewpoints from opposing sides and a discussion of potential short and long-term consequences of the standoff are reviewed. The case points to a long and continuing lack of trust in government by the public, especially in western states where much of the land is owned and controlled by the federal government. Four trust theories are selected and applied to the case with recommendations suggested on how the Bureau of Land Management could make steps to understand where distrust has been fostered and how to regain that trust to harbor support for the policies and direction of federal agencies in natural resource management.

From the Paper:

"We all have an idea of what trust is. Even if we can't put into descriptive words what the exact definition of trust means to us as individuals, we know what we do trust and what we distrust. Some of us trust very little and some trust a lot. Trust is the base for almost everything we do. Clearly our society and our ability to cohabitate and collaborate as humans is built on the idea of trust. "The foundations of the working human society are built on trust. This has been so since the beginning of recorded history. As our communities evolved from hunter gatherer groups into agricultural chiefdoms, and ultimately modern states their operation, increasing complexity and success relied not only upon our cultural evolution as posited by Robert Wright in Non-Zero but also upon trust. Trust is integral to our 'culture'" (MacDonald, 2012). Trust is what makes a strong leader and encourages others to followthat leader while distrust directly affects the ability of an individual to garner support for any cause. The conveniences of our modern world are built on trust. We trust that the bank will keep our money safe, that the utility companies will provide the power to keep our homes warm and lit, that medical facilities and personnel will care for us when we are sick and injured, that the police and courts will provide protection and justice, and that our military will allow us to continue to enjoy our freedoms and keep our country safe from those who oppose our views. Having a lot of trust in organizations, administrations, and people allow us to lead and experience fulfilling lives. Heck, our paper money would be worthless without foundational trust in its value and the ability to acquire goods or services based on another's same trust in that piece of paper.
"Trust is the focus of businesses and corporations who understand that without trust their product or service has no value. "A broad definition of trust includes a positive expectation that another party will not - through words, actions of decisions - act opportunistically. The success of any business relationship, whether it be e-commerce, direct marketing, or any other domestic or international trade efforts is also highly dependent on trust that each party will be responsible to the other" (Davis et al., 2008). Trust in an organization is important for both the internal and external customer and is what will make or break a company. The internal customer (employee) functions the best when they believe in the organization and feel that they (the employee) are appreciated, having contributed to the company's success."

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