What is Green Marketing? Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of the recent marketing phenomenon known as green marketing.
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The paper looks at definitions and the history of green marketing and explores the issues that green marketing addresses. The paper considers both the positive and negative aspects of green marketing and describes current trends in this area. The paper does point out that despite the increasing demand for green products, the current trend may be based more on social status than on actual concern for the environment.

History of Green Marketing
Issues Green Marketing Addresses
Positive and Negative Aspects of Green Marketing
Current Trends in Green Marketing

From the Paper:

"Today, Green Marketing addresses a variety of issues for both consumers and the organizations themselves. The driving issue behind Green Marketing is the environment. Finite resources and global warming have been concerns for decades. The E.P.A. notes that the past two centuries of fossil fuel burning and deforestation has had significant negative effects on the planet. These items have caused an increase in greenhouse gases, which prevents heat from escaping into space. As the concentrations of these gases continues to increase, the Earth's average temperature is rising. Citing NOAA and NASA data, the E.P.A. surmises that the average surface temperature on Earth has risen by approximately 1.2 to 1.4 F, in the last century. These changes affect snow and ice cover, rainfall patterns, and sea levels and are due to human activities ("Basic Information"). Green products can help in a variety of ways.
"This information has been a continuing concern for consumers for more than a generation and, as such, Green Marketing focuses on how products can address these issues. Reduced greenhouse gases from manufacturing, and an associated educed carbon footprint, are specifically aimed at global warming concerns. Reduced waste in packaging, resulting in less waste in landfills is another attempt at addressing environmental issues. Utilizing recycled product in the manufacture of new products address both global warming and concerns about increasing waste."

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