What are the Effects of Divorce on Children? Term Paper by Nicky

What are the Effects of Divorce on Children?
A review of several research studies on the nature of the effects of divorce on children.
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This paper looks at research regarding adult children of divorce and their feelings toward fathers, the effects divorce has for both adults and children and the delay of marriage and whether remaining married for the sake of the children is the right thing to do. The paper also examines studies on the effects of risk and protective factors on children and divorce's effects on small children.

From the Paper:

"In this study, Amato (2000) discusses the research on divorce that was done in the early 1990s, attempting to determine what effects divorce has for both adults and children. Calling the rising divorce rate one of the most "dramatic" and "far-reaching in its implications" life changes trends during the 20th century, Amato suggests that divorce at least has the potential to create sustained periods of turmoil and trauma in a person's life. Because about half of marriages today end in divorce and nearly all adults have been married at least two times, Amato (2000) points out that divorce "has major implications for the settings in which children are nurtured and socialized" (pg. 1269). Indeed, the author continues to mention that just more than half of the marriages in the United States involve children under the age of 18. Thus, with so many of their parents divorcing, Amato (2000) makes a strong case for the important role divorce plays in the lives of many modern children. However, he also concludes that the effects of divorce for both adults and children are widely varied. Although studies in the early 1990s showed that children whose parents were divorced had a harder time adjusting academically, socially, and in other areas, these results could easily be the result of factors other than divorce. In addition, some studies also found that divorce was helpful to children in a minority of cases (Amato, 2000). Further, Amato (2000) suggests that there are two prevailing viewpoints--that divorce is a temporary setback that children can overcome quickly and that divorce causes increasing and ongoing trauma."

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