Washington, Madison and Jefferson Term Paper by Dougy

An overview of the role of three key founding fathers of the United States of America.
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The paper discusses three key founding fathers from the 1700s who this writer believes played the most important role in establishing the United States of America; George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The paper outlines these men's achievements and how they put in place the governing structures that allowed America to become the greatest nation in the world.

From the Paper:

"George Washington was the first president of America and served as the commander of the US army during the revolutionary war, which took place between the years 1775-1783. He is referred to as the founding father of the nation for the role he played in fighting for independence. The national congress appointed George Washington as a commander in chief of its armed forces in 1775 (Stanfield, 2001). In 1776, he drove the British out of Boston and by the end of that year; he had captured most of the country's territory. George Washington led a strong army and a powerful nation against threats of disintegration and collapse. In 1787, Washington was the head of the Philadelphia tenet that drafted the U.S constitution and in 1787, he became the head of the United States of America (Rutland, 1997).
"As a president, he established many customs and assigned more work to the executive arm of government in an attempt to unite the country in a time it was facing international threats. In 1793, he declared the country neutral to foreign relations and this helped the country avoid conflicts. As a founding father of United States of America, Washington supported all the policies aimed at building a strong central regime. He settled the nations' debt, executed an efficient tax system, and created a bank where the American citizens could save their money (Adler, 2008). He always evaded the temptation of international conflicts and battles by ensuring that peace was maintained in the nation."

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