Washington, Jefferson and the Civil War Term Paper by Nicky

Washington, Jefferson and the Civil War
A brief paper that addresses George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Civil War.
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Published on Nov 29, 2011 in History (Leaders) , History (U.S. Presidency) , History (U.S. Civil War 1860-1865)

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The paper discusses George Washington's accomplishments as the first United States president as well as Thomas Jefferson's policies and diplomacy. The paper then addresses the Civil War and its causes, the defeat of the Confederate army and the end results of this bloody war.

From the Paper:

"The White House Web site reports that after the French Revolution, Jefferson "slashed Army and Navy expenditures, cut the budget, eliminated the tax on whiskey" which was very unpopular out West. Jefferson's America was a place where there was a massive federal debt, and the president cut it "by a third." He also ordered the Navy to attack the Barbary pirates who had been attacking U.S. commerce in the Mediterranean, which was a bold use of military power. But his most lasting legacy in the minds of many historians was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from the French in 1803 (www.whitehouse.gov). Meriwether Lewis - who had been recruited by Thomas Jefferson to serve the president's personal secretary - was chosen to lead the expedition west into the Louisiana Territory.
"In time Jefferson would assign Lewis the task of putting together the men and materials for the expedition; in fact Lewis' relationship with the president became a close personal and professional association. Jefferson praised Lewis for "...sound understanding and a fidelity to truth" (Ambrose, 63). After two years of serving as the president's personal secretary, the president was totally sold on the idea of Lewis heading the expedition. Jefferson asked Lewis to fully explain to the Indians that the white explorers were interested in trade, not in seizing their lands (Ambrose 154). This showed that Jefferson used a steady hand and smart policies regarding the Western frontier and that he understood diplomacy with the Native Americans, whom he respected very much."

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