U.S. Soldier Kills 16 Afghan Civilians Term Paper by Carly Evans

An overview of the killing of sixteen Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.
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This paper looks into the inner details of the shootings of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier, including how the shootings happened and the potential reasons why it took place. The essay also discusses the political fallout from the killing spree, who the potential suspects are, the suspected causes of the shootings and the current status of the suspect as of March 25th, 2012.

The Shootings of Sixteen Afghan Citizens
The Political Fallout
Taliban Backlash
Potential Suspects
Suspected Causes of Shooting
Reparations Offered
Current Status of Suspect

From the Paper:

"America's military involvement in Afghanistan is a hotly contested issue. Disapproval for the war by American citizens is at an all time high and anti-American sentiment has been quickly growing among Afghan citizens as the war continues. Fueling this disapproval is a string of unfavorable and grotesque outbreaks of violence by American troops fighting the war on terror in this Middle Eastern country. One such outbreak that caused a particular stir by government officials in the United States and Afghanistan, as well as the citizens of both countries, is the recent shooting of sixteen Afghan citizens by a soldier of the United States military.

"The shootings took place on a Sunday in early March 2012 in the Panjwai district, approximately fifteen miles southwest of the city of Kandahar (Sidner, 2012). According to sources for MSNBC, "The soldier reportedly left his base in the early hours Sunday and went to two villages just a few hundred yards away. He opened fire on Afghan civilians sleeping in their homes..." (2012). His departure from the base was observed by Afghan troops who quickly informed American troops of the sighting and took action to confirm the soldiers disappearance and sent a patrol out to search for him in the surrounding areas (Sidner, 2012)."

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