US Society and Big Business, 1865 - 1945 Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of the economic growth and social crises of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
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The paper describes how the last quarter of the nineteenth century was an era of big business domination, expanding railroads, huge steel factories and rampant oil production. The paper then focuses on the social inequities between the working class and the wealthy owners and looks at how the rich and powerful manipulated the politically and economically powerless masses. The paper also describes the social crises such as the depression in 1893, when millions were put out of work and unemployment insurance and old-age pensions were unheard of.

Mass Society

From the Paper:

"Mark Twain coined the term "Gilded Age" in 1873 to refer to not only the name of his novel, but to the excessive greed and corruption he witnessed during that time. "Gilding" referred to adorning something further that is beautiful to begin with--in other words, in Twain's mind--excessive and wasteful, which characterized the era in the U.S.
"The greater part of the nineteenth century saw significant change in the United States, perhaps the last third of that one hundred year period most of all. The country began that time period as an agrarian, unpopulated, spread-out, local-oriented, isolated group of individual states. By 1900, the U.S. grew to be one of the great powers of the world--industrial, urban, modern, and national-oriented country of states spread from sea to shining sea. (Calhoun, 2006, p.1)"

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