U.S. Interests in the Middle East. Term Paper by Master Researcher

U.S. Interests in the Middle East.
A discussion of America's role in the Middle East.
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This paper discusses the conflict in the Middle East and the reasons for U.S. involvement therein. The writer attempts to shows that the United States is interested because of the need for increased national security following 9/11, oil and Israel.

From the Paper:

"President Bush has tried to pull the United States protection away from Israel and let them handle their business; however, September 11th changed this plan. Security of the United States and what the country represents has been a part of the reason that United States became involved with the Middle East. Gerald Pomper, a coadjutant with the University political department stated that American policy has been to support Israel, while showing friendliness towards Arab nations. September 11th changed Bush's feelings and plans concerning his stand behind Israel. "Violence has risen, and Arab countries are putting more pressure on the United States [to get involved] (Lang 1).
"In 1990, Saddam Hussein was a problem in the Middle East because he wanted to annex Kuwait to Iraq. Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia are one of the largest oil producers in the world. If Hussein had won this would have given Iraq the economic leverage.
"Bush's policy on non-involvement dealt with the Middle East's position as the major supplier for oil. The United States and other countries depend upon the Middle East for their supply of oil. The main reason the United States has stayed in the Middle East is to protect the global oil fields and shipping routes. The war on terrorism was meant to force the United States out of the area, but it did not work (Brister 1). The war on terrorism can be considered to be a war to protect resources such as oil. The United States support of Israel has been partly to protect the country's interest in oil."

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