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Uninsured Families in America
This paper discusses the gaps in health insurance coverage in the United States, particularly affecting low socioeconomic status families and individuals.
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This paper discusses the gaps in health insurance coverage for families as a significant health care problem in America. The author goes on to assess that these problems are experienced mostly by impoverished immigrants and minorities in the form of dissatisfaction with services, barriers in enrolling themselves or their children due to legal or political "fallout" from adapted U.S. foreign policy or incompatible cultural health beliefs. Furthermore, the paper shows that these issues present themselves in worsened health and increased risk for the uninsured. Lastly, the paper states that culturally sensitive initiatives must be established.

Population Description
Significance of the Problem
Related Health and Social Problems
Evaluation of Current Strategies
Ethical Implications of Current Strategies
Proposed Community and Public Health Nursing Interventions

From the Paper:

"Flores, Abreu and Tomany-Korman (2006) identified risk factors that made a child more likely to be uninsured in interviews conducted among 1,100 parents, of which 900 were of Latino ethnicity. The probable factors studied included having older children with a mean age of 9 years, being poor (income < $20,000 per annum), possessing a limited English proficiency, being non-U.S. citizens and if both parents were employed. It is of significant note that ethnicity was not a factor (OR 0.94; 95% CI 0.49-1.81) with regard to child's age (1.11; 1.07-1.15), documented (1.96; 1.09-3.53) or undocumented (6.06; 3.22-11.4) immigrant status, two working parents (2.08; 1.01-4.29) and income $15,000-19,999 per annum (1.84; 1.13-3.00) (Flores, Abreu & Tomany-Korman, 2006). Nonetheless, apart from income, immigration status and plan ineligibility and the availability of state-funded health insurance, cultural aspects regarding health beliefs need to be factored in, especially with regard to delayed or not seeking medical treatment in times of need and the absence of a regular primary care physician (Greenwald, O'Keefe & DiCamillo, 2005; Flores, Abreu & Tomany-Korman, 2006; Shone, Dick, Brach, Kimminau, LaClair, Shenkman et al, 2006)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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