UK Government Policy on Sex Education Term Paper by Nicky

UK Government Policy on Sex Education
An overview of the debate regarding the inclusion of moral values in a sex education.
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The paper explores the current debate with regard to sex education that revolves around two central arguments. The paper discusses how many feel that teaching the mechanics of sex and protection against disease and infection as a result of sexual contact to children constitutes adequate sex education, and also considers the point of view that sex education should not just be about the mechanics of sex but about deeper and more moral issues, such as the importance of chastity before marriage. The paper reaches the conclusion that an overemphasis on the mechanical aspects of sex and the neglect of moral and cultural values is not a valid or successful foundation of a national policy for sex education.

The reality of sex education policy
Morals, religious and family values
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"Therefore, the central argument against the present policy on sex education is that it does not deal with sex within a larger moral framework. Sex is taught as if it had very little to do with issues such as social and religious norms and traditional values, as well as respect for one's sexual partner and the social importance that many cultures ascribe to chastity.
"The separation of sex from the context of values and morals in increased by many aspects that we encounter in everyday society; for example, the sexual images prevalent in the media and which often depict explicit sex. According to many experts this has in fact "...broken down the natural inhibitions of children about sex, while progressively easier availability of contraception meant that young girls could no longer use fear of pregnancy as a reason to reject sexual advances..." ( Donnelly, 2007)"

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