Topics in the Chinese Economy Term Paper by Nicky

A look at issues in China's economic growth.
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This paper analyzes critical issues regarding the future of China's economic growth. These include the shortage of resources and the disparity of wealth between regions and classes. In particular, the paper notes the labor shortage in rural areas, shortages in energy resources and raw materials. These three issues are dealt with at length. Additionally, the paper discusses some of the shortages China faces that are critical to survival, such as lack of water in major urban area. Next, the paper explores problems associated with social upheaval in China, such as unrest in ethnic regions. Finally, the paper addresses the economic threat of Taiwan on China. The paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of China resolving its water issue, which is seen as the nation's most serious threat to economic stability.


Social Upheaval

From the Paper:

"All economies depend on resources for their growth. Output is determined by the availability of labor, energy and raw materials. The former has not experienced overall shortage, although there are concerns about the rural labor force in some areas. China is, however, facing critical shortages of both energy and raw materials, not to mention food and clean water. China is facing a shortage of mineral resources. The nation is expected to suffer a severe shortage of such resources in the next twenty years, resulting in a dramatic increase in imports (Voice of America, 2003). There are two potential consequences of this shortage. The economic growth trajectory could stall, if resource shortages force factories to curtail production. The other potential consequence is a dramatic increase in mineral imports. This could potentially bring the balance of payments to a new equilibrium that is more balanced than at present. There are other consequences, however. Expansion of trade with resource-rich bordering nations - for example Russia or Kazakhstan could result in significant shifts in the geopolitical landscape."

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