Too Cool for the Room Term Paper by Nicky

Too Cool for the Room
A teaching scenario that illustrates Newton's law of cooling.
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Published on Dec 13, 2011 in Criminology (Forensics) , Education (General) , Physics (General)

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The paper describes the scenario where Dr. Jack Montrose called 911 after arriving home to find his wife lying dead on the floor, the apparent victim of strangulation during a robbery. The paper goes on to explain why the detective became convinced that Mr. Montrose himself murdered his wife. The paper points out how he applied Newton's law of cooling and the principles of molecular physics. The paper includes instructions to a teacher in the classroom on how to use this scenario in their classroom instruction. Tables are included in the paper.

From the Paper:

"At this point in the story ask the class, "Does anyone know why Detective Roman was suddenly convinced that Mr. Montrose murdered his wife?" Write all the answers down on the board without getting explanations and then go back and ask the students why they thought it. Some may figure it out, some may not but it is the thought processes they use, the deductive reasoning and scientific interest that should be highlighted at this time. Then say "OK, let's see what happens in the interrogation room with Detective Roman and Mr. Montrose."
""Well, Mr. Montrose, or can I call you Jack, thought you would get away with it didn't you."
""Get away with what," the agitated widower shouted, "What have you arrested me for you should be out looking for those burglars instead of wasting your time with me. Your own Medical Examiner stated that my wife was killed between 8 and 10 and I was in flight during that time, check with the airline if you don't believe me."
'"Oh I did check and yes you were happily flying the friendly skies of United. And yes, the ME stated that the 120 pound Mrs. Montrose's core body temperature was 96.1 degrees Fahrenheit and in a 78 degree room that puts the time of death at least 3 to 4 hours earlier."
""There you see," said Mr. Montrose triumphantly, "I couldn't have done it.""

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