To Clone or Not to Clone Term Paper by Ashli

To Clone or Not to Clone
An overview of the debate on cloning.
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Published on Dec 26, 2007 in Biology (Biotechnology) , Hot Topics (Cloning)

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This paper discusses how the public opinion dealing with cloning is still greatly divided and how many religious groups are against cloning because they feel that it is wrong to copy natural creation. It contends that the advantages of cloning far outweigh those concerns and also the disadvantages. It argues that cloning is completely ethical and there should be no bans against the production of organs, organisms, and living things for scientific and human enhancement, whether it is saving lives or creating them.

From the Paper:

"Cloning has been a heated debate in America in recent years. It is one of the most controversial topics that exist today. Many people have misconceptions about it that lead to a misunderstanding of the possible advantages that could result from cloning. With President Bush pushing for a total cloning ban and swaying large numbers of Americans on his side, it is hard to oppose it and take the stance for pro-cloning. However, for every disadvantage on cloning, there are hundreds of advantages to support it. America is on the brink of a genomic revolution with the outcome of finding many cures they never knew were possible. It is time that a new light is shed on cloning. It is time that Americans look to pro-cloning in our new technological age for great improvements in life and on scientific discoveries."

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