Time Travel and Einstein's Theory of Relativity Term Paper by Master Researcher

Time Travel and Einstein's Theory of Relativity
This paper explores the scientific likelihood of time travel.
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Published on Oct 16, 2003 in Physics (Relativity)

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This paper explores the topic of time travel and whether it is a realistic scientific possibility. The paper explains Einstein's concept of relativity, the black hole, alternate dimensions and the paradox. The paper concludes that while we will most likely personally not know if time travel is possible, the fact that space travel appears a realistic possibility demonstrates potential success in time travel in the future.

From the Paper:

"Albert Einstein was the first physics researcher to take the humanistic perspective that time is relative and to change this into a new argument that time functions at different rates due to different means of perception. Einstein's classic argument in this area suggests that time, light, and perception traveled at relative velocities, indicating that if the velocity of one of these factors were to be changed that the actual process of time would be affected for the other two. For example, were a man to be put on a rocket ship and sent at the speed of light for fifty years, when he finally arrived back on earth everyone would see that he had physically not aged at all. Most researchers that work in the field of time travel believe that time travel can - and most likely will - exist draw their arguments from the fact that time is distorted when you move at speeds close to the speed of light.
"Those that believe that time travel exists take this concept of relativity to the next stage and investigate it in terms of its most extreme known form, the black hole. A black hole is a proven phenomenon that occurs after a star has collapsed upon itself: The weight of the star was so massive that it literally punches a "hole" in space. The black hole is powerful, so much so that it draws in light and time towards its central "eye of singularity", a point in space where space and time cease to be distinguishable."

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