Threats Facing Marriage Today Term Paper by Nicky

A look at the main threats facing marriages and the family today.
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Published on Jun 11, 2012 in Child, Youth Issues (Family Issues) , Women Studies (Marriage) , Sociology (General)

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The paper discusses the ease of getting a divorce, the financial pressures faced by many, the rushed, stressful, lifestyle of many families, the same-sex marriage debate and the lack of faith prevalent today. The paper looks at the government's role in addressing these threats but relates that in most areas, it is the role of the parents and family members to create strong family values and bonds that will protect their marriage and family.

From the Paper:

"Stress is also an enemy of marriage and families. Reporter Detwiler continues, "Almost half of Americans have reported an increase in stress over the last year, with 14% reporting increased worry about the economy, 8% stressing more about job security and 6% worrying more about money" (Detwiler, J.). Stress causes anger, worry, and lack of sleep, among other things, and that can lead to increased tension in the marriage and the family. Stress can lead to depression, too, and that can threaten the marriage and the family, as well. While many families may be stressed about money and jobs, the government really has no role in this issue.
"Another threat to American families is the rushed lifestyle so many families seem to lead. Parents work longer hours, and then have responsibility at home. Their children participate in numerous after school activities, then have homework, and that leaves little real family time. In many households, families no longer sit down together for dinner, and this leads to a lack of communication and understanding in the family. This threatens the very fiber of the family, in that they do not communicate effectively, they do not spend quality time together, and they do not develop the bonds that bring them together and really make them a family. The government really has no responsibility in this issue; it is simply a matter of lifestyle choices and commitment to the traditional family values that are missing in many families today. "Stuff" is more important than the family, and that is a real threat to marriage and families today."

Sample of Sources Used:

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