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Theories of Human Development
This paper explains eight different theories of human development.
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Published on Jun 13, 2008 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Psychology (Freud) , Psychology (Piaget) , Psychology (Social)

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The paper discusses the main theories of human development, including environmental versus epigenetic theories, Freud's psychoanalytic theory, Watson's behaviorist theory and Skinner's classical conditioning theory. The paper also examines Bandura's social learning theory, Piaget's cognitive theory, Maslow's concept of humanism and Kohlberg's seven stages of moral development.

Environmental versus Epigenetic Theories
Psychoanalytic Theory
Behaviorist Theory (Watson)
Classical Conditioning
Social Learning Theory
Cognitive Theory
Stages of Moral Development

From the Paper:

"There has always been a substantial disagreement between 'nature versus nurture.' Epigenetic theories assume that the human is primarily influenced in his/her development by genetic factors (Ojiem, 2006), while environmental theorists emphasize the influence of environmental--'nurture'--as the primary influence on development.
"Most recent works have cited the combination of the two (Groduitskii, 2001) as providing an influence on overall development."

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