The Wide-Spread Use of Information Technolgy Term Paper by Nicky

The Wide-Spread Use of Information Technolgy
A look at the pervasiveness of information technology.
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This paper describes the pervasiveness of information technology in our lives,focusing on how the center of innovation has been in the US. It also examines information technology from a generation standpoint, showing how young adults feel comfortable experimenting and using new media. The paper defines information technology and gives examples that we use in our daily lives. It also highlights in a list format the many advantages of IT. Finally, the paper considers how information technology has changed the way we do business.


What is Information Technology
What are the Forms of Information Technology
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology
How has Information Technology Changed the way America does Business?
What kind of Business will Information Technology be very Useful?

From the Paper:

"Information technology today has grown exponentially and wherever one goes or whatever one does, the results of information technology development, implementation and operations are apparent. Businesses and industries are especially reaping the bounties. Banks and financial institutions transact digitally and send information across the globe in matter of seconds. Factories and other manufacturing facilities are automated and others even have robotic infrastructures that facilitate the production of goods. Indeed, all aspects of modern day living have been touched by IT and chances are many more everyday conveniences will be developed with IT in the years and decades to come."

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