The Texas Revolution Term Paper by Nicky

The Texas Revolution
An overview of the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War.
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The paper reveals that Texas has the unique status of being the only state that ever existed as an independent nation recognized by foreign nations. The paper provides the background of Texas' struggle for independence from Mexico and describes the outbreak of the Texas Revolution. The paper then discusses how Texas joined the United States, leading to the Mexican-American War. The paper concludes by showing how the view of Texan national identity has undergone a profound shift over the years.

From the Paper:

""Remember the Alamo!" Even people who have never visited Texas have uttered this phrase as a testimony to remembrance--remembrance of determination, grit, and the quintessential 'Americanness' of those handful of brave men who died during the siege of the Alamo. During the 1950s, little boys all over the nation wore Davy Crockett 'coon caps' mimicking the popular Disney movie of the era that depicted the life of the Alamo hero. Why has Texas captured the popular imagination, despite--or is it because--of its curious relationship with America's legacy of slavery and American prejudice against Latino Americans? And how can Texas be the most American of all states because of its independent attitude, yet also claim a kind of nationhood status apart from the rest of America? Texas has the unique status of being the only state that ever existed, albeit for only a brief period of nine years, as an independent nation recognized by foreign nations, although not by Mexico. It retains some of this national pride even today--it is the only state to have fought its own war of independence."

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