The Spread of Greek Culture Term Paper by Shaad

The Spread of Greek Culture
This paper explores the transmission of the Greek heritage and culture to Western civilization.
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Published by on Jan 31, 2011 in History (Greek and Roman) , History (Religion)

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This paper spells out the fundamental importance of Greek culture to Western civilization as a whole and then describes the expansionary drive of Alexander the Great and the significance of it towards the spread of Greek culture. The paper discusses the Roman adoption of Greek culture through the Hellenic age and looks at how Greek ideas were channeled through the Moslems and re-discovered in the renaissance. Finally, the paper describes the subtle influence of Greek ideas through the medium of Christianity.

From the Paper:

"A common notion is that Alexander the Great was responsible for the spread of Greek culture in the first instance. However, this is only partly true. He did not properly belong to the Greek culture, being a prince of Macedonia, which the Greeks considered to be a barbaric northern province. He was however tutored by the great Aristotle, and took Greek culture as his ideal, which is crucial. After the Peloponnesian war, in effect a civil war between the Greek city states, the mainland was in a state of turmoil, which Philip of Macedonia took advantage of, defeating the Athenians in the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC. When Alexander succeeded his father to the throne, he resumed the imperial drive with great fervor, ultimately ruling over a huge empire stretching deep into Asia and Africa. As a result Greek culture spread throughout this region, and was later cemented through the avenues of trade when the empire crumbled soon after the death of Alexander."

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