The Sandwich Generation, Caregiving and Alzheimer's Term Paper by Alicia Carroll Duvall

An overview of Alzheimer's and the role of family caregivers.
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The paper describes the illness of Alzheimer's and discusses the lack of scientific knowledge regarding its cause and treatment. Next, the paper describes its symptoms and looks at the role of the sandwich generation in caregiving for Alzheimer's patients. The paper addresses the difficulties of caregiving and identifies the resources there are to help family caregivers.

What Is Alzheimer's? Why Does Alzheimer's Have No Cure?
Alzheimer's Symptoms - What Are the Signs and Signals?
What is the Sandwich Generation? What is the Sandwich Generation's Role?
Caregiving - The Humane and Pragmatic Answer for Alzheimer's
Difficult Effects on Families Who Become Caregivers
Resources for Family Caregivers - You Don't Have to Go It Alone

From the Paper:

"According to an article in the Los Angeles Times (McDermott, 2007), an estimated 5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's and that number is growing "exponentially," McDermott writes. As healthcare solutions continue to help people live longer lives, the number of Alzheimer's patients will grow. And by next year, 2010, McDermott's research shows that caring for those with Alzheimer's will cost Medicare around $160 billion annually - and by 2035, the cost to society of caring for Alzheimer's patients could be higher than the defense budget. Presently there are five medications that have been approved for treating Alzheimer's in the U.S. - one which causes "severe problems" and hence is not often prescribed - and four that "do nothing to stop the disease" and in fact have only "marginal, often transitory effects on its symptoms" (McDermott). The money spent on these medications that are often worthless is about $4 billion a year - and in fact there are 56 more drugs in experimental trials that are supposedly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As to the future success of any of the 56 drugs presently going through trials, Neil Buckholtz (chief of the dementias of aging branch of the National Institute on Aging) said the process is "basically a 'throw the spaghetti against the wall' strategy" (McDermott)."

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