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The Role of Canadian Unions and Workers
An analysis of the roles of Canadian unions and workers in advocating for more generous benefits packages.
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This paper discusses the role of Canadian unions and workers in promoting a quality-of-work agenda. It briefly argues that Canadian workers and unions should use their knowledge of the "front-line" of the workplace to act as advocates for more generous benefits packages and greater employment flexibility for men and women seeking to "marry" work life with personal life. In particular, the paper argues that comprehensive training, appropriate "time off", ample reward for those who perform admirably in their position, a strict adherence to the health concerns of employees and recognition that being a mother demands special concessions on the part of the organization are all things which unions and workers should take up with senior management during collective bargaining.

From the Paper:

"One other thing which unions and workers can (and, frankly, must) do is to find ways of integrating the responsibilities of life outside of work with the inevitable time spent working on behalf of the company. For example, organization-provided day-care centers (preferably located right on the work premises) have been a recognized staple of a strong corporate commitment to employee happiness and well-being for some time now (Mastroianni, 1992) and, as more and more women enter the workforce full-time, the need to meet their concerns is a practical business matter and not just a "frill" that management can lightly ignore. Given this reality, unions and employees have an obligation to present to senior officials in any corporation the burdens under which their female members labor and how easy-to-access and safe day-care centers for their children are an excellent means of keeping productive women within the organization - as opposed to having them decide that being a 'stay-at-home' mother is more satisfactory. Furthermore, the progressive organization will also offer flexible employment packages enabling women to work from home if that is something they truly desire."

Sample of Sources Used:

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