The Rise of Single-Parent Black Families Term Paper by Smarty

The Rise of Single-Parent Black Families
This paper focuses on how the single-parent black family has gone from hardly existing, to record breaking numbers.
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This paper shows how the single-parent family has struggled through American history and why the statistics are showing that their style of living is on the rise. It gives specific examples of single-parent black families with woman or men as the head of the household, and it also offers lots of statistics pulled from reliable research as to why these kinds of families are multiplying in our society. It also discusses in some detail the huge effect of poverty on these families even though the statistics poorly depict their lifestyles, and discusses the solution.

From the Paper:

"Eighty-four percent of all black children will live in a single-parent family before they are eighteen years old (Clegg). Currently, in the black community, the birthrate of out-of-wedlock babies is sixty-nine percent, while in the white community, the statistics are edging toward twenty-five percent (Rector). Do these facts sound alarming to you? Is there something about the white community that is different from the black community? To the modern world, being a single, black parent and raising a child is not very uncommon " not to mention simply being a single-parent to begin with. We as a society like to believe that there really is no difference between black and white " that we are all equal. This may be the case, but there are still some aspects of our daily lives where black and white can be very different. The issue of race and single-parent families has been the subject of enormous controversy. The extended black family, often considered a source of strength and stability, has declined steadily since 1940, as has the white extended family. A disproportionate number of black children have been raised by single parents, a trend that can lead to family instability, poverty and welfare use. As we look at some alarming statistics, we see that the black community has indeed seen a rise in the numbers of single-parent families. The rise of single-parent families in the black community has a great impact on the lives of those children involved and also on the community around them. In the following paper, I will share with you some of the statistics that I have come across during my research on this topic, and I will also include insight on its impact on society."

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