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The Rich Life of Ancient Egypt
An examination of the characteristics of the three periods of Ancient Egyptian history.
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Published on Dec 22, 2009 in History (Middle Eastern)

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This paper examines life in Ancient Egypt. It looks at the three periods of thirty dynasties that Ancient Egyptian history is divided into: The three periods are the old, middle, and new kingdoms. The paper discusses the characteristics of each time period, as well as what was achieved during that time. The paper concludes that the Egyptians lived a good life of stability and security and through cooperation enriched their culture with many forms of art and written languages.

From the Paper:

"The process of mummification required that the Egyptians dehydrate the organic tissues with a chemical substance called natron. Some of the internal organs were removed and placed in canopic jars that were associated with the gods such as Horus, who was the sky-god with the eyes of the sun and and moon and entered the living pharaohs. Some of the other gods were Ptah, the creator-god, who invented the arts; Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty; Osiris, the god of the dead who judged the souls for their worthiness, Isis, the sister and wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, Re, the sun-god, Re-Horakhty, the sun-god and Horus joined together (Cox and Malek 11). Once the dehydration had taken place, the mummified body was covered with many types of fragrances and wrapped up in linen. The mummified bodies of the pharaohs were placed in tombs that were highly decorated with art and the Egyptian language of hieroglyphs."

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