The Proposed European Union (EU) Constitution Term Paper by Peter Pen

The Proposed European Union (EU) Constitution
This paper discusses the proposed European Union (EU) constitution, which failed to be ratified.
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This paper explains that, with the impressive economic performance and harmony of the European Union (EU), it seems to be an excellent time to finally establish a constitution for this organization. The author relates that, in 2004, the 25 heads of state of the member countries signed a treaty establishing an EU constitution; however, each member country needed to approve it independently by their own national means. The paper describes that France and the Netherlands rejected this treaty through a referendum vote. The author points out that the most controversial aspect of the constitution was the creation of a foreign minister and a common foreign and defense policy. The paper stresses that, with the many diverse national interests of each of the 27 member nations, it is almost impossible to form a common foreign policy decision as exemplified by the drastically different policies for the war in Iraq.

Table of Contents:
Major Points of the Constitution
Pro and Con Reasoning
Unpleasant Setbacks in France and the Netherlands
Future of the Constitution

From the Paper:

"Many of the arguments for the constitution are outlined in the previous section discussing the contents of the constitution. As one can see, the argument for the constitution was based largely on making the EU a more democratic organization. Many of the pro camp also saw this as an opportunity to strengthen the European institutions in order to take on the many new member countries that were added in 2004. Furthermore, many believe that the main reason behind the constitution was to propel European unification even further."

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