The Philosophy of Organized Religion Term Paper by Nicky

The Philosophy of Organized Religion
A discussion on the philosophy of organized religion and its appeal to people.
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Published on Oct 10, 2011 in Religion and Theology (General) , Philosophy (General)

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The paper discusses how organized religion and philosophy seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but in reality, many philosophers such as Kant and John Wesley were also men of faith. The paper notes that Adam Smith, legendary economist and philosopher, believed in a separation of church and state, while many believe that diversity is another reason religion plays a role in moderate, reasonable societies. Finally, the paper discusses how philosophers believe that organized religion in its present form perpetuates the strength of men over women in society, and goes against ideas of women's rights and equality.

From the Paper:

"Many philosophers, who can be scientists and logicians at heart, decry organized religion and belief in God, feeling they are not logical or based in fact. However, many other prominent philosophers embrace the idea of faith, and acknowledge their own faith in God. Immanuel Kant, a foremost philosopher had his own ideas about God and religion. He says, "I had to deny knowledge in order to make room for faith." He thus proposes what has come to be known as his 'moral argument' for God and the immortality of the soul. In connection with this argument, he also develops the concept of 'moral faith'" (Rossi). He also believed people were safe in assuming they would have immortality after death, where they can continue to seek moral perfection (Rossi)."

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