The Outsourcing of America Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

The Outsourcing of America
Discusses the positives and negatives of America's outsourcing jobs in other countries.
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This paper looks at both sides of the outsourcing dilemma in America. On one hand outsourcing temporarily takes jobs away from American workers', while on the other hand it gives Americans more room for growth in the workplace, and they still live better than those who are now doing their jobs across the globe. The author argues that it is important to look at the issue of outsourcing as a sort of workers' guarantee to fair employment instead of making it a political and inflammatory issue.

The outsourcing 'market'
The loss of jobs in the U.S.
Outsourcing and offshoring costs: too often overlooked
Current examples of outsourcing
Benefits of outsourcing
Is outsourcing over-hyped?
What does the laid off American worker or manager lose?

From the Paper:

"Outsourcing is not a recent phenomenon. The American textile industry was decimated when cheaper goods were produced in Asia and Latin America. Remember the outcry over Kathie Lee Gifford's "sweat shop" factories in Guatemala? Even auto parts for Detroit auto makers were outsourced to Mexico, despite union objections.
""Critics charge that the information revolution (especially the Internet) has accelerated the decimation of U.S. manufacturing and facilitated the outsourcing of service-sector jobs once considered safe, from backroom call centers to high-level software programming" (Drezner 2004 2).
"The hard questions that need to be answered are (1) Does outsourcing really hurt the American economy, or is it more an emotional issue? (2) Has outsourcing caused significant unemployment, or is one result merely a redistribution of jobs? And, (3) while outsourcing may help a corporation's bottom line, has the average consumer really been hurt by outsourcing?"

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