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The Nazi Occupation of Poland and France
This paper examines WWII and the differences in the way the Nazis treated their subjects after their invasions of Poland and France.
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This paper stresses that many of Germany's policies in both Poland and France during the occupation were similar as far as the Jewish population was concerned; however, the people of France clearly showed more willingness to cooperate with these policies than the Poles, despite the fact that Poland had a much larger Jewish population, in both numbers and per capita, than France. The author further points out that the Germans systematically destroyed the economy of Poland for the solitary purpose of helping the German war effort; whereas, the Germans gave many resources to the French economy to help reestablish it after the devastation from WWI. The paper relates that, in the sphere of government, France was given autonomy through the Vichy government, whereas the Poles, seen as nothing better than pack animals, barely more worthy of life than Jews, were given no such autonomy.

From the Paper:

"One of the first actions of the German administration of Northern France was to try to make the region economically stable again. This was not done out of the goodness of the Nazis' hearts, but rather because France could become a valuable factory for war material and food. This area of France was also where the proposed invasion of Britain, "Operation Sealion", was to be launched. The iron, steel, and other natural resource industries were nationalized in order to give the Germans better control. In order to try to prevent wartime inflation and shortages, price controls were instituted."

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