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The Murder of Emmett Till
This paper highlights the significance of the Emmett Till murder in portraying the racial tension in the South during the 1950s.
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The paper describes the events that led to the Emmett Till murder and the brutality of this crime, and reveals that the men who committed it got off on all charges. The paper discusses how this event would help spark the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The paper then examines how the novel "Wolf Whistle" by Lewis Nordan portrays this event through the use of fictional characters and places, which closely resemble the stories that have been told about the murder of Emmett Till. The paper includes an annotated bibliography.

From the Paper:

"The murder of Emmett Till was a very significant event in the history of the United States, as it symbolizes the great divide between white and black people in the nation. This murder, which took place in 1955, was one of the events that began the civil rights movement in the United States, which helped to gain rights for African-Americans in the country. Emmett Till was a young boy from Chicago who was visiting relatives in Mississippi. Upon his arrival there, he began boasting about having a relationship with a white girl back home. Since racial attitudes were somewhat different between the north and the south, no one in Mississippi believed his story to be true. Till's friends told him to prove that he could get a white woman by making an advance towards a woman who worked in the store that they had gathered outside of. When Till did this, it became a huge event in the region and ultimately led to his death."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Adams, Olive, Arnold. Time Bomb: Mississippi Exposed. February 1956. This booklet is significant because it gives more insight into the events by taking into account the testimony given by Willie Reed. He says that he saw more than two men and that there could have possibly been a woman involved as well.
  • Atkins, Joe. "Slain Chicago Youth was a 'Sacrificial Lamb'". Jackson Daily News. 25 August, 1985.Shows that even though Emmett Till is not as recognized as Rosa Parks or other civil rights pioneers, he is just as significant. It tells people to remember his contribution.
  • Booker, Simeon. "How Emmett Till's Murder Launched a Civil Rights Drive". Jet. 17 June, 1985. pp. 12-18.Supports the thesis that Emmett Till's murder was the event that began the Civil Rights Movement. It does this by showing the aftermath of events.
  • Curry, George E. "Killed For Whistling at a White Woman." Emerge. July/August 1995. pp. 24-32.Uses interviews to show the racial divide in the Southern states and also gives account given by Till's mother. Proves that Till's mother identified the body.
  • Huie, William Bradford. "The Shocking Story of Approved Killing in Mississippi". Look. 24 January, 1956. pp. 46-50.This article describes the murder and the events leading up to it. This story claims to be the truth about what really happened in the days leading up to the murder.

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